Take Action: Bake, Love, Eat
Welcome to TABLE, a dinner club of sorts.
December 2021 - Box o' Chocolates
Join this month's TABLE for a big ol' box of chocolates and cookies and support Northwest Harvest

Donate by Dec 10.
We'll deliver in Seattle around December 15-19, or ship Priority by Dec 15. 

To participate, donate whatever you like to 
then let us know you've done so and tell us your home address and phone number. 

To request that we ship a box, let us know you donated, then Venmo $20 to @samazing (with shipping info and a brief gift message). We will ship via USPS Priority Mail by Dec 15. 
Northwest Harvest
Asks Two Questions
  • How can we do a better job of getting food to people who are hungry?
  • Why is it that people today are suffering from hunger in the first place?

  • The first question deals with access. The second deals with justice. But the answers are inseparable. To truly end hunger, we must look at ending practices that continually widen gaps in community access while also building a more just food system. 

    Northwest Harvest is focused on changing the conversation on solving hunger in Washington – from a model based on charity to one rooted in social justice.

    Learn more at northwestharvest.org

Dinner and a show...
of support!

We love to cook, you were maybe going to order dinner anyway. . . together we can turn those things into a  meaningful gift for a worthy organization. You donate to a good cause, and we bring you dinner! (And sometimes that dinner is cookies. Shrug.) 

Donate whatever amount you want. We generally choose local causes, and we're always open to hearing your suggestions for groups doing great work.

Thank you for your support!
April 2021
$1300 raised for Equal Justice Initiative
black rose syrup (for cocktails or sparkling water)
- BLT creampuffs
- black pumpernickel bread
- mole cornbread layer cake 
- elote salad ring
- squid ink and spinach pasta
- black burgers with a white roquefort-based sauce
- tang yuan
- chimera bread with black and white chocolate braids 
- tiger stripe croissants - pandan and hibiscus, or curry and squid ink
- black forest caramel cheesecake
January 2021
$1400 raised for Seattle Homeless Outreach
Menu with recipe links:
plus Honey Walnut Bread, Beignets, Sugar Rose Brioche, Moon Cakes, Brownies
December 2020
$2700 raised for Pike Market Senior Center
Boxes of sweets and cookies including kourambiethes, oatmeal cookies, praline, double chocolate orioles, molasses cookies, sensei bars, fudge, nougat, divinity, meltaways, not one but two kinds of Turkish delight and much, much more! 
November 2020
$1500 raised for Keep Music Live WA
Menu with recipe links: 
and Taro Mooncakes and Red Bean Sticky Rice Cakes for dessert!
Plus whatever else we decide to throw in there :)
Force multiplied: it's like a bake sale, but better! 

Bake sales are great. Some folks whip up some treats, other folks buy them, and a worthy organization gets support. It’s kind of magical, really! Now think if the bake sale was for a delicious dinner... 

We cook, you enjoy, they benefit. That's the idea behind TABLE.

Take Action: Bake, Love, Eat.